About WEfish



Our Mission
Preserving the legacy and promoting the value of commercial fishing in our families and community through promotion, education, outreach, and service.

How we started
WEfish started in the fall of 2013, when group of individuals began meeting to discuss their interest in supporting the local commercial fishing community in the Westport, WA area. What began as an effort to form a traditional fishermen’s wives association in Westport, quickly transformed into an effort to support fishing families & community through promotion, education, outreach, and service. The name “WEfish” is designed to represent all associated with the fishing industry- families, businesses, and fishermen. WEfish is a collective effort to serve the fishing community on a social level. Our goal is to promote the economic value of this massive industry of which we hear so little, and to refresh and regain the sense of community pride that comes from generations of hard work and heritage.

WEfish is a fishery-wide, non-political group. Both men & women are welcome. Whether interested in reviving a lost-fishermen’s fund, finding opportunities to educate people on the value of commercial fishing, representing commercial fishing at local community events, or simply putting a family face on commercial fishing, WE fish is a great avenue to for those seeking to get involved in supporting the commercial fishing industry.